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Meet Katrina 

For more than 13 years, Katrina Mackey has proven she’s a woman of immeasurable talent. From model and motivational speaker to special event host, she embodies what it truly means to be a professional who loves what she does.

Katrina exploded on the Texas scene immediately when she moved to Dallas in January 2000. She quickly became one of the faces of 100 Most Beautiful of Dallas, where she modeled for top photographers and makeup artists and hosted several events representing her true beauty.

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Her Story

After conquering the Dallas modeling scene, she set her sights on giving back to the community. Katrina joined Women’s Worth Enterprise in 2005 where she was able to shine as a motivational speaker and spend her time mentoring troubled youth.

To fill her passion for mentoring and fostering youth, she created the “Katrina Mackey Foundation” which mentors kids with incarcerated parents and kids with epilepsy.

Continuing to dazzle with inner beauty, Katrina bridged the gap between Modeling and Motivational Speaking when she became a spokesperson in 2012 for F3X International, a Health and Wellness Company. As the new spokesperson for F3X International, she currently hosts several Health and Wellness Events where she spends time educating others on how important it is to be healthy.

From model, motivational speaker, and mentoring youth to Health and Wellness Spokesperson, Katrina has a true heart with talent and charisma.

Katrina Mackey, an active Motivational Speaker and Special Event Host for Galas, Charity Events, Fashion Shows etc., has been

A graduate of Booker T. Washington High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma, she received her Bachelor’s degree from Langston University.

Katrina decided it was time for a change of scenery (and weather) and moved to Atlanta, where she began Motivational Speaking. In addition to Motivational speaking, Katrina is a regular contributor to her home church and an enthusiastic Mavericks fan.

She enjoys sharing positive uplifting words while letting her light shine at every event! When she isn’t hosting an event, she is spokes model for All Natural products that helped her lose 18 pounds in 8 days, spending time with her family, reading books and hanging out with her girlfriends!

She currently resides in Dallas with her husband Andre, daughter’s Mikayla and Nevaeh and son Dre’Len. 

Contact Katrina

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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